Talk on Tackling Change

July 28, 2007

The Star (Malaysia)

A TALK entitled Managing Change Successfully was held recently by Puspanita to prepare its members for changes taking place within the organisation.

About 150 people attended the talk by Ken O'Donnell, a renowned international consultant for Goodyear Tyres, Mercedes-Benz, Sky TV and General Motors from Brazil.

Puspanita Sustainable Built Environment committee chairman Datuk Puteh Kamariah Mohamad said the talk was timely as the organisation wanted its members to accept sustainable development successfully.

“We had organised a Green Building Mission recently, which was officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to encourage a sustainable site planning, water and energy efficiency, conservation of materials and resources, indoor-environmental quality and innovation in design.”

She added that Puspanita was having a road show and going to every state to promote its green mission while helping people have healthier lifestyles.

He said that with changes taking places, complexity increases and dealing with chaos comes with understanding of oneself.

“As how money retains its value despite getting crumpled, stepped on and torn, we must understand the inner value of who we are.

“Self identity should be retained to cope with family, friends and work because if we lose yourself, you'll lose everything.

“To change something, you need to change you attitude and change the way you see things, only then you'll be able to accept changes,” he said.